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97% would recommend it to a friend
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by JoolsS on 15 September 2018
I have to say I was disappointed. It was a very noisy and crowded pub. We went on a Saturday night and were told it was not as noisy other nights. Great for a pub night out but too much for a classy vegan dinner. The food was nice but not amazing. The service was excellent - very lovely people.
by ShelleyW on 14 September 2018
Loved it, delicious food, all vegan (woohoo!). Nice staff. A little bit noisy for a big get together.
by Jthomas88 on 13 September 2018
Amazing place and amazing food! Highly recommended for everyone. It’s also dog friendly :)
by Sq01 on 13 September 2018
Amazing time, food is just so delicious and bar staff were really friendly and helpful
by gillN16 on 12 September 2018
Lovely place and great that everything is vegan so you can relax. But the portion sizes are so small, and they ran out of one of the sides, of which there were only 4, by 7.30! So we left feeling hungry.
by OpenTable Diner on 7 September 2018
Really nice pub, cool vibe, amazing food! I was still thinking about it the following day! My taste buds were having a party!
by OpenTable Diner on 31 August 2018
Even as a meat lover, this was amazing! Went for couples night and we had a great evening. Atmosphere and staff were lovely, too
by RobM on 27 August 2018
Second visit and every bit as good as the first. Whole family came this time and even the non vegans said that the food was very tasty and appealing and that meat was not missed at all.
by Adam on 25 August 2018
The food was great and I'll definitely be going there again
by Claire on 24 August 2018
Food was really nice, just very small. Place itself was cute and the staff were really friendly.
by LindsayP on 23 August 2018
Amazing food, drinks and atmosphere, couldn’t fault it.
by Sianie on 11 August 2018
Great food and vibe. Fantastic to see an entirely vegan pub. Loved it and will be back!
by Syngcope on 5 August 2018
Friendly, likeable place. Good food and beer. A neighbourhood attraction.
by JJSE22 on 4 August 2018
Lovely food, really tasty vegan menu and my partner said the best dessert he's tasted in ages (fried ice cream in popcorn with chilli chocolate sauce). I'd definitely go back to try other things on the menu. Service was great too, very friendly.
by SallyN on 4 August 2018
Great food, lovely staff and a Prince shrine! You couldn't ask for much more.
by PaulinaM on 4 August 2018
Great food and service. We will be coming back :) When the owner/ supervisor appeared, the atmosphere changed and staff seemed stressed out so we felt sorry for them (unnecessary pressure?)
by GemmaV on 4 August 2018
Went for food and a catch up with a friend. Entire menu was vegan which was perfect but value for money was poor. Portions are tiny. Overall food is very creative and haven't seen vegan food like it before but don't turn up hungry
by RobL on 3 August 2018
My wife and I had dinner at the Spread Eagle for our wedding anniversary a couple of nights ago and left very, very happy. The pub's main draw for us was its vegan status, and although there wasn't a huge range of food on the menu, we both found something that tickled our taste buds. The suggestions of what beers to have with the quesadillas was great (we both went for the 'chorizo' quesadilla), and we were glad of that cold pint, as they were very spicy (but not so spicy that it hampered our enjoyment of it - just). As our sides, we can highly recommend the triple-cooked potatoes and the tortilla chips and guacamole/ salsa. Next time we go there, we might try the burgers they have on offer (the 'fried chicken' one, especially). There was a good range of lagers and ales, and even a decent-looking stout on tap (which I didn't try, as the weather was very warm), and we definitely plan to go back there at some point soon. The staff were very friendly and helpful and complimented a relaxed atmosphere, and the decor is fantastic. Fully recommend the place.
by NickyB on 29 July 2018
On a damp Sunday evening it was busy but not rammed - I think you could've just rocked up and got a table although I would recommend booking. Food was very tasty. And vegan for anyone that doesn't know it's 100% vegan. But portions weren't huge. The burger came with nachos and looked a decent size. The nachos was also a sharing portion. But the tacos and chick'n wings needed chips to fill you up. We shared a portion of spicy potatoes after our main meal! Maybe we are just greedy :) Cocktails and beers were fab of course
by SimonS on 22 July 2018
Great vegan food and drinks. Happy smiling staff and a chilled out crowd on a hot London evening. A pub local to us that we will visit again to go through the menu items we didn’t try that evening.
by TinaSq on 21 July 2018
Deep fried cheese is amazing. Does not taste like vegan cheese. Staff us delightful and friendly.
by ReneB on 21 July 2018
Wonderful zingy food, warm and friendly staff, go there!!
by lovefood86 on 6 July 2018
Delicious vegan food in a great pub! Will be back! Staff really friendly too :)
by Laura on 5 July 2018
When we arrived for our booking, there were three staff behind the bar; one was serving a customer, and the other two were pouring (and drinking) beers. Despite the fact we were standing at the bar in full view - with another pair of customers also waiting - none of the staff acknowledged our presence for a full ten minutes. The man who eventually spoke to us was so uninterested he might as well not have been there at all. We actually weren't sure at first whether he was working, because he also completely ignored a delivery person who arrived after us with an enormous parcel, and stood in full view at the bar waiting for someone to take it from him. Had there been any other vegan place nearby, we wouldn't have stayed. When we finally got food, it was delicious; but unless the staff attitude improves we will not be back. It's a real shame because we'd been looking forward to trying The Spread Eagle for ages.
by SophieG on 30 June 2018
My first ever 100% vegan experience and I was not disappointed. There were 6 of ya and dishes arrived at different times but overall a good night with nice food
by OpenTable Diner on 30 June 2018
Delicious food and I was surprised how fish-y my fish taco tasted - the sauces and salsas were outstanding . Great to go somewhere where my vegetarian husband could eat everything on the menu. Worth the trek from Shepherd’s Bush
by JessicaR on 22 June 2018
I had been wanting to try this place out for a while so when my friend, who is vegan, came to visit for the weekend it was the perfect opportunity. All the dishes we had were absolutely delicious, it would be hard to pick a standout! The wine & beer lists were great too. We shared around 10 plates between 4 of us (perhaps a tad greedy!), that and a total of 8 alcoholic drinks came to £35 each. Can't wait to return!
by JennyP on 22 June 2018
Excellent food, will return. Please note this is the Spread eagle in Homerton not in Shoreditch (we went to the wrong one by mistake) but they were super lovely and held our table for us.
by JessB on 17 June 2018
Fantastic food, love this place. came for fathers day, my dad is such a foodie and although a carnivore said this was one of the best burgers ever! we came with 4 dogs and all were made to feel very welcome :)
by siri on 16 June 2018
Don't confuse this with the other "Spread Eagle" on Kingsland Rd. or any other Spread Eagles around London (this happened to us). We were almost an hour late to our booking at the "real" Spread Eagle but staff kept a table for us and told us that it happened all the time. The food was amazing - I highly recommend the Mexican Fried "Chicken" burger.
by JamieM on 8 June 2018
Great experience here. Amazing cocktails, brilliant & friendly service and best of all the whole place is 100% vegan! Food was delicious; the deep fried mango ice cream was so nice! Tacos a little on the small side for the price but overall was one of the best dining out occasions we’ve had in a long while... check it out!
by Laureng on 6 June 2018
Loved it! Service was amazing, the place was lovely and the food was incredible.
by DrMiriamA on 6 June 2018
Heart broken there are no quesadillas on Wednesday and Thursday...why???? It’s the best thing on the menu and i’ve Developed an addiction...
by JonnyA on 31 May 2018
Banging vegan food. Pub decor is Nathan Barley but great staff and selection of beers. Will be back.
by Agata on 28 May 2018
The food was good but the service wasn't great this time - the waitress was a bit sulky. Too bad as I love this place and service is key. Hope that doesn't repeat.
by ClaireF on 18 May 2018
Great pub with a very relaxed cosy atmosphere. Vegan food was great and the cocktails were excellent.
by LindaS on 18 May 2018
Really great food. The service was awesome and not expensive. Really good option if you are vegan, vegetarian but even the meat-eaters in my company really enjoyed the food. You have to try the desert, it was awesome!
by RT29 on 18 May 2018
You have to try the scallops! The fish tacos are also incredible. I am a meat eater and both of these taste like the real deal.
by LauraC on 13 May 2018
The place is great! Friendly staff, amazing food and affordable prices :)
by HeatherN on 12 May 2018
Absolutely delicious food at Club Mexicana! I'll be back very soon!
by sachs on 12 May 2018
So happy with food service etc just crap weather.
by PhoebeR on 9 May 2018
Excellent vegan food with lots of flavour. Very friendly staff and cool decor. Highly recommended!
by Clarissa on 6 May 2018
Absolute find! The vegan cheese is worth the trip! The food is amazing and the staff super friendly.
by Agata on 8 April 2018
This place is lovely! Yummy food, nice atmosphere, good service.
by JaneJ on 6 April 2018
Amazing beer and wonderful food. Great service. Will definitely go again
by AmoreR on 5 April 2018
Early evening meal 3 tacos and a portion of fried potatoes between 2 was enough. The tacos were toothsome; the potatoes yummy but rich. The deep fried icecream was too sweet but the dark chocolate was lovely. The french malbec was smooth and robust but I had lees in the bottom of my wine glass so need to learn how to pour wine to avoid this. The margherita was disappointing. Definitely good enough to visit again
by AlenaI on 2 April 2018
This is a great interpretation of Mexican food and it's what I'd call comfort food. I wish there were more versions of meals without meat substitutes as I find them too salty.
by IanF on 1 April 2018
After following club mexicanas progress for the past couple of years I was overjoyed to learn they have a deservedly permanent home, in what turned out to be a well appointed setting. For anyone who hasn't tried them yet or is interested to discover what modern vegan food has to offer I suggest you book a table as soon as possible. Vegan food from the future.
by OpenTable Diner on 31 March 2018
Brought 3 meat eaters to celebrate me being a veggie for a decade and they loved it as much as I did! Lovely staff, astounding food, will be back!
by Claptonista on 31 March 2018
Great food and good vibe, but the NOISE LEVELS were indescribable! A pretty exhausting experience, but lovely food!
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